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My Obedience Training Sessions using positive reward clicker and treats lasts for around 1.5 hours and a minimum of 5 sessions are required to ensure that your dog and the owner/handler fully understand what is required to ensure that your dog has the basics in dog obedience.

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If you’ve just got a brand new puppy, it’s certainly wise to get some dog obedience training to set them on the right path, but you can also do it for older dogs that have never had any form of obedience training in the first instance. This is often the case with dogs obtained from Rescue centres.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_empty_space height=”16px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]

Common Issues that Peter Works on Include:


  • House Training
  • Advanced Obedience Training
  • Gun dog training
  • Agility Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Safety around Children

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Clicker Zone North West

Teaching Dogs and Puppies Using a Clicker In Your Home
Clicker Training By Peter Hargreaves The North West’s Leading Expert
(£50 a session)

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*What To Expect from Dog Obedience Training

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  • Meet and Greet – The meet and greet is free with no obligation to use my service. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with me to go over your pet’s routines, feeding instructions, home care instructions and just to get to know each other. I will explain the dog training service you have selected, explain a little about it and answer any questions you may have. I will also take your dog out for a 15 minute walk to assess him and give you the relevant feedback.
  • Finally, we will review and sign necessary paperwork, appointment and payment details.
  • Sit on command.
  • Lie down on command.
  • Get your dog to come when called.
  • Training your dog with the sit-stay command.
  • Not pull and mis-behave on the lead.
  • Calming Signals – using the language that dogs use to communicate, I’ll educate you to read these and interpret what your dog is trying to tell you. Click HERE for a free download.
  • How to avoid ‘dog to dog’ conflicts when out walking your pooch
  • Showing you the basics of Clicker training – read more HERE

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Each session is £45 and lasts 1.5 hours

Take Action – Fill Out My Online Form or Call Me On: 0777 676 1289

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Dog Behaviours My Obedience Training DOESN’T Cover:-


  • Excessive Barking – vocalising as warnings, excitement, attention-seeking, anxiety or boredom.
  • Chewing – as puppy teething, boredom/excess energy, anxiety or curiosity.
  • Digging – out of boredom, excess energy, anxiety, hunting instinct or comfort seeking.
  • Separation Anxiety – caused by the owner leaving the house or the dog constantly following the owner around.
  • Weeing & Pooing Indoors – a result of submissiveness, excitement, territory marking, anxiety or attention seeking.
  • Biting/Nipping – caused by fear or defensiveness, protection of property.
  • Aggression – exhibited by growling, snarling, showing teeth, lunging and biting.

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If these are the behaviours you are facing please visit my Behaviour Consultancy Page.

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* Clicker Training – And Why I Use It

[vc_empty_space height=”16px”][vc_column_text]I use clicker training to train customer dogs for the following reasons:


  • Builds confidence – click and treat, no punishment, no harsh words!
  • It’s a fun way of training for all.
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
  • Teaches your dog to respond to you.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Accelerates the initial learning phase.
  • Teaches your dog to be creative.
  • Creates a meaningful structure for your dog to understand.
  • Trains complex and precise behaviours.

[vc_column_text]I use it on my own dogs and start from 8 weeks old.
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What is Clicker Training

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It is training using almost entirely positive reinforcement – teaching your dog to learn… using no physical compulsion or corrections whatsoever. Sounds a bit unbelievable, but works incredibly well. Instead of yanking dogs around, shoving them into place, giving some praise, and hoping the dog will make the connection, dogs are taught using the scientific methods of classical & operant conditioning.

The whole enjoyment feature is what really turned me on to positive training. I love my dogs, and although I want them to be responsive to me I dislike hurting them! With clicker training I don’t have to. This training works for every dog, from bold to timid, from tiny to giant.

The clicker itself is simply a little toy-like device that is used in the initial stages of training any behaviour. It provides clear & precise communication between owner & dog and allows you both to concentrate on & enjoy the task at hand. You click at the exact moment the dog is performing whatever it is you want, and since you always follow that click with a tasty treat, the dog will learn to love the sound, and the work to make that sound happen! As part of the training, you teach the dog hand and/or verbal signals for each behaviour. As the dog learns these, you phase out the clicker. It has completed its function, which was to communicate to your dog which behaviour you desired.


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Does Your Dog Have Behaviour Problems? Would You Like an
Assessment with Advice On How to Correct these Problems? £50 For 1 Hours Consultancy from A Qualified and Very Experienced Dog Behaviourist


With positive reinforcement training there is no more forcing a dog to learn. Instead, the dog becomes eager to learn! Very tasty food treats are the primary reinforces at first because they are easy to use but many, many other reinforcements are used as well – from squeaky toys to playing games. A dog properly trained this way will not be dependent upon food in order to respond.

Clicker training can be used to teach your dog regular pet obedience type behaviours (such as loose-lead walking) as well as more advanced competition, trick or service behaviours. You will love it… and so will your dog!

Let’s look at some basic dog training and see how it can help to correct some behavioural problems, whether they currently exist or might possibly in the months and years ahead.

First of all, there’s the living arrangements. Is your dog going to be living in your house or outside in a kennel? If it’s indoors, a lot of consideration – and dog obedience training – is necessary so that they won’t trash the house and cause all manner of mayhem. We all know people who just love their dogs but are driven to distraction by the continual destruction they cause in their homes, from tearing up the living room carpet to swiping food from the table and all sorts of other unwanted behaviour.

Here, dog obedience training begins with setting the boundaries: where the dog is allowed to be – perhaps only in the kitchen and living room – where their food and water is and how to obey your commands to get them to do something, like stop barking.

Set your dog training goals now for your home and you’ll never look back, and with our reliable and professional pet care services, we can make sure your beloved dog is well behaved and a joy to have.

For my rates click here.