Dog Walking & Dog Safaris

We are the UK’s Leading Provider of Professional Dog Obedience and Behavioural Training Using The Latest In Positive Reinforcement Techniques.

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My dog walking service consists of individual local dog walks or choose the more popular Safari adventure.

Prices start at £15-00 per walk – with discounts for multiple bookings.

What To Expect From My Dog Safari

  • We’ll pick your dog up in the morning in our custom van. You don’t need to be at home as long as you give me access to your property.
  • As there is group dog walking I always assess each dog before taking them on a walk.
  • Before setting up any dog safari adventure I will schedule a visit to your home. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your dogs routines and ask any questions you may have. I will also take your dog out on a 15 minute walk to assess his personality and give you any relevant feedback.
  • This activity is aimed for social dogs that like to mix with other pooches. My dog safari’s are stimulating, exciting and action packed!
  • After the safari I will wipe down your tired but happy pooch before returning them home for a well earned rest.
  • Each adventure could last up to 4 hours – giving you a break from your beloved pooch to do your own thing. I will need access to your home to return your dog if you expect to be out.
  • All adventures will be off the lead unless you specifically require me to keep your dog on a lead. Remember all our 10+ safari areas are well away from roads and traffic.
  • To keep your pooch happy and excited each time they come out I vary the locations of the safaris.

What To Expect From My Dog Walks

  • deally suited to doggies which don’t socialise with other dogs very well and therefore can’t go on our more popular dog safaris.
  • Individual local dog walking services during the day – I can collect your dog if you’re not home as long as I have access.
  • I always assess each dog before taking them on a walk for all my new clients. Before setting up any dog walking service I will schedule a visit to your home. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your dogs routines and ask any questions you may have. I will also take your dog out on a 15 minute walk to assess his/her personality and give you any relevant feedback.
  • The walk will include basic training such as sit, stay and good behaviour on the lead.
  • Each walk is 55 minutes long and takes place in the local area.
  • All walks will be on leads. However if I go to a local park and your pooch has a good re-call I will let them off lead with your permission. This will give them a good run and allow him/her to burn off more energy.

Say “No” To Home Alone

Does your dog spend most of their day at home due to work or other commitments. Dog’s are highly sociable creatures with a genuine need to socialise and interact. Whether this be with humans or other dogs. Separation anxiety is one of the most common problems that dogs develop and by treating your dog to a day out on with The Dog Ramblers will greatly reduce the time left alone, plus we keep them busy and make them tired.

Safety First

Our doggie adventures are conducted in a safe manner and in safe places (no roads for us). This allows them to have a great time running, chasing, socialising and playing with experienced and trained dog walkers. We carefully manage packs so that we are in control and not the dogs pulling us along.


Exercise is a major part of our dog’s lives. The famous “Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan tells us to maintain a healthy relationship with our beloved pooch, that relationship should consist of 50% physical exercise, 25% discipline and 25% affection. The Dog Ramblers combination of dog walking and dog day care gives your pooch the exercise they need. We wear them out so you don’t have to!

All Weather Walking

Yep! We walk in all weathers, rain, sleet, snow, winds and sunny days (of course) throughout the year. We wrap your pooch up in their favourite coat (or one of ours if you don’t have one) and off we go. Regardless of weather or traffic we will always turn up and if in circumstances out of our control we let you know.

Give Your Dog the Professional & Reliable Walk They Deserve

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An added benefit of using professional dog walkers is they can always introduce or reinforce behavioural measures to correct your dog and make them all the more controllable. Even simple things like getting them to stay or sit can make all the difference at home, as well as when they’re out on walks.

It may be that you have the time to walk your dog, but your dog doesn’t want to and sits in a heap, refusing to move – a frustrating situation some dog owners encounter and don’t know what to do about it. I exactly how to get them out of their non-walking rut. They’ll adopt a variety of tactics, including using a short lead to have more control over the dog and psychological measures such as being first out of the house to show they’re the leader of the pack and your dog must follow, to really get them going.

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(Duration 55 minutes)

Upgrade Option

Upgrade to a Dog Safari and give your dog an amazing adventure.


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