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We are the UK’s Leading Provider of Professional Dog Obedience and Behavioural Training Using The Latest In Positive Reinforcement Techniques.

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This service is for customers who are going away and want to leave their pooch somewhere friendly and safe whilst they’re gone. A real home from home.

The price is just £25-00 per night (24 hours) including walks & feeding (collection & drop off just £25-00 extra).

You can also board additional dogs from your household at the same time for just £15-00 each.

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Special Offer

I now offer a collection & drop of service with my dog boarding (just £25).

In addition you can access a reduced rate for my dog safaris and you can also try taster sessions for obedience and scent training! ONLY when your dog boards with me!

These products are available at the checkout when you add ‘Dog Boarding’.

Upgrade Option

My PREMIUM Residential Dog Training package allows you to board your dog AND get him/her fully trained.


Your priority is to make sure your pet dog is properly looked after and cared for while you’re away or ill, and kennels may not always be the best solution.

That’s because of the distress a dog can experience if they have to stay at a kennel. The break in routine, the many other dogs and the strange sounds and smells can easily make a dog anxious and they may even stop eating and withdraw into themselves – missing you and upset in this new environment where they have to spend a great deal of time in a small cage. Plus, there’s the very real possibility of picking up infections or diseases from other dogs. You won’t want to collect your dog only to find them ill and anxious.

What To Expect From My Dog Boarding Service:

  • Leave your dog with us when you go away – in a genuine home from home.
  • Your dog will feel safe and relaxed living in my home – I even play classical music to them as this has been proven to calm them (see HERE).
  • Plenty of walks and exercise with at least two 1 hour walks a day.
  • All I need is your dog, their dog food and that’s all (plus any treats you include in their routine).
  • I only board 1-2 dogs at a time so I need plenty of notice if you want me to take your dog.
  • Priced at just £25 per 24 hours.
  • Why not get your dog trained whilst they’re boarding with me? – upgrade HERE

Our Dog Boarding Service is Booked for Months Ahead.

To Avoid Disappointment Contact Us for Your Holidays or Call us on 0777 676 1289 for Further Information.

That’s why more people nowadays are forsaking kennels altogether and opting for dog boarding – all the comforts of home and with the same routine your pet is used to, including feeding and walking times. If you’re planning a trip away or can’t manage to look after your dog at the moment because of illness or anything else, I have an excellent dog boarding home where they will be treated as a member of the pooch family.

With my dog boarding and you can be sure your cherished pet will be looked after to the highest of standards in reliable and professional pet care. To ensure this, I only take two dogs at any one time, and they stay at our house for the duration.

I listen to my customers’ needs, and the needs of their pet dogs, so that I can do exactly what you want during the time they’re with us.
Your dog will receive several walks a day or even join one of our dog safaris if there is a spare place.

It’s a relaxed and comfortable environment, in stark contrast to the often clinical settings of kennels, where staff may not even be all that experienced in dog handling. Instead of coming home to a nervous wreck of a pet, you’ll have a happy and relaxed dog who has enjoyed their time at our dog boarding home. It’ll be like they’ve been staying at a friend’s house!

Before you head off on your next holiday, or if you’re currently unwell and need some assistance with your dog, get in touch with me and find out how your pet dog can get the care and attention they deserve.

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(maximum 2 dogs)