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Brushing dogs teeth

Keeping your dogs teeth healthy

on 24th October 2016

Today’s blog is one inspired by a recent conversation with a client I was doing some training with. It’s basically a look at how to look after your dog’s teeth – including the right foods, treats and general dental hygiene (brushing). Having healthy teeth is vital for your dog’s overall health, bad teeth will affect their ability to fe...

Dog sniffing the ground

Introduction to Scent/Nose work

on 24th October 2016

Recently I’ve been getting more and more enquiries relating to scent/nose training – and that’s why I now offer it as a dedicated product (see HERE).  As you may well know a dogs sense of smell is up to 50,000 times more powerful than a humans – in fact they possess up to 300...

Dogs listening to music

The classical music effect on dogs

on 24th October 2016

Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Handel, Beethoven… which is your favourite? No not for you personally, but for your dog.  Wait, what? My dogs favourite music piece? Well yes – because dogs love classical music – didn’t you know? I have used music in my kennels to ‘de-stress’ dogs for years – in fact it’s just the normal for me now.  I h...


Does Your Humping Dog Make Your Face Turn Red?

on 24th October 2016

QUESTION: I was wondering if you could offer some advice about dogs mounting other dogs. I have a 10 yr. old fixed Standard Poodle who gets very excited when he greets another dog and he ends up mounting the other dog. Male, female, big dog, small dog – it doesn't matter. I would just like to know why he does this, and how can I stop it. AN...